Daniele Johnson is hands-down the best family attorney I’ve ever hired. Speaking to Daniele never failed to ease my anxiety and fill me with confidence.

- Satisfied Client

Attorney Johnson delivered exceptional service assisting our family. We were in great hands.

- Satisfied Client

Daniele is a great lawyer. She gave me very good advice in dealing with a family situation.

- Satisfied Client

Attorney Johnson is a great litigator! She is attentive and professional, and helped me through a difficult divorce.

- Potential Client

Ms. Johnson’s approach to my case left no doubt she was the right lawyer for me. You want a lawyer like Ms. Johnson to be by your side to bring you the best results.

- Satisfied Client

Attorney Daniele Johnson was phenomenal from the beginning. Daniele provided me with excellent legal advice. Daniele ensured that I was properly prepared for mediation and hearings.

- Satisfied Client

About Daniele:

Daniele Johnson’s career actually began before she graduated from law school. In her 3rd year of law school, she became court certified to represent victims of domestic violence. Upon graduating, she went to work for the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office. Assigned to the Special Victims unit, she helped prosecute crimes committed against children.

In 1999, she moved to West Cobb and began her career as a family law attorney. She has been in the trenches alongside Cobb County families for the last 21 years, handling such matters as divorce, custody, child support, legitimation and adoptions. In 2006, she became court certified to serve as guardian ad litem, an attorney court-appointed to represent the best interest of children. She is the only candidate that has both a prosecutor’s background and an extensive family law career. That balanced experience makes her uniquely qualified to serve as a Superior Court Judge.

She and her husband, Erich, have been part of the West Cobb Community since 1999 where they are raising their three children within the Cobb County school system.

To Daniele Johnson, the concepts of legal transparency; credibility; impartiality; and intently listening to those who seek relief from the court are not mere words thrown out to the public when one is running for public office. She sincerely believes in these notions as reflected in the articles she has written well before she became a candidate for Cobb County Superior Court Judge, as well as through client reviews and peer endorsements written about her by others over the years.

Vote for Daniele Johnson as your next Cobb County Superior Court Judge. She is fair. She is balanced. She will listen. She is good for Cobb.

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